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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello from Lusaka!

Alright so I only have 5 mins left at the internet cafe so I need to quick - here is a quick summary...

Traveling/Staging -
- My group is great, they come from such different backgrounds and experiences it's very enriching to be working with them.
- We had staging at Philly which was fun I got to see the liberty bell and all the historical sites.
- We ended up driving up early and spending a night at JFK witch was funny.
- We missed our origial flight and had to stay for a while.

Ahhh I'm out of time, Zambia is wonderful! We wont have internet for awhile so I'll update in a few months with pictures and video! Love you!


mr.lady said...

Hello from the United States. I had reached your site from Christina's site. She is currently in Ecuador beginning her Peace Corp experience. I am using my future daughter in laws google site to reach out to you. Because Christina is in Ecuador with Tommy Nunez, our son, while you are in Zambia with another son, Ricardo Nunez who was posted over two years ago outside Kasama, Zambia. He will be finishing his Peace Corp tour in Bemba Land as he calls it at the end of May, 2011. He has been working in education and has begun a couple of women's groups and community based schools. If you get a chance to meet him, say Hi from his Mom and Dad, he will be surprised.

peacefulcait said...

Hey, I am curious if your Solio charger works effectively? I don't want to spend so much much if it is a crappy charger/whatever. (I'm a future Africa PCV...not sure where yet, but my invite is in the mail! ive been silently following you for a bit...well silently following many people, actually)

Musi Lisa Kilic said...

@ Mr.lady if I find him I will!

@ Peacefulcait - honestly its been working wonderfully