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Contacting Me

In Zambia I live in VERY rural conditions, a mud hut with no running water or electricity. 4 nights a month I got to the provincial house where there is internet.

Very reliable, and totally free if you have skype on you computer.
SN - diurnaldreamer

- Number all letters and packages you send, this is to help track which ones are missing
- Write "Air Mail" or "Par Avion" on all

Mail takes a minimum of two to four weeks to arrive, but sometimes it can take months or simply not arrive. So far I have had good luck with letters and postcards (generally its a month each way).

Mailing Address For the Next 2 Years!
Musi Lisa A. Kilic/PCV
Peace Corps
Po Box 850010
Serenje, Zambia

I have had mixed results here. Some have made it in 2 weeks, some have taken 4 months, there seems to been no real time-line. Because Zambia has a bad reputation of packages being "lost" and it is a super christian nation, make sure you put religious text on it! Put things like god is watching, or praise be to god on the front, it really does make a difference. Don't put what is in the box anywhere visible, especially if its valuable - that's just asking for trouble.

- USPS Flat Rate Boxes (Priority Mail International):
          Small (<4 lbs.)- $13.45
          Regular (<20 lbs.)- $43.45
          Large (<20 lbs.)- $55.95

I do have a phone, however calling me is VERY expensive for you. Texting is totally fine though, and I do have service at my site.

# - (26) 0976700169