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Friday, April 22, 2011

Offically PCV!

Alright! I am happy to announce that I am not longer a PCT (peace corps trainee) I am a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer)! We swore in as volunteers yesterday morning, at the ambassadors house. It was fun, interesting speeches, following by an entertaining night. Today has been spent traveling to the Central Provincial House. Which is where I am currently updating from, with an adorable kitten sitting on my lap. Because of Easter we aren't being posted until Tuesday. Shopping has to be done, and trust me I have a long list... I'll eventually post more but I'm tired.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

“The end of Training!”

Today’s show is called “The end of Training!” were we are going to look at the last few days of training for a PCT, this episode is divided into 3 acts.

Act 1: Language Test!
Almost a PCV! It’s that magical time – end of training. We had our language test Friday. I think I did well, I’ve been working with my language instructor everyday to get the language down (Bemba is hard!). The test is about 30 mins, and it a general conversation with an instructor about a variety of topics. A passing grade is Intermediate-low which means you have the ability to combine what you have learned to created different sentences about a variety of topics. They look for long and descriptive paragraphs and an ability to use the language on unfamiliar topics. We find out Monday! Fingers are crossed. If you fail you still get to swear in but have to stay and extra week and take the test again after some more lessons.

Act 2: Like a Dali painting
Everything is very surreal at the moment. It’s amazing to think I’ve been here for almost 3 months it feels both so much longer and shorter than that. I’ve done so many new things – I’ve hitchhiked, eaten caterpillars, taught math! I’ve become obsessed with the radio show “This American Life”(can you tell?), and they keep doing shows about New York its crazy to hear the sounds of New York. One show was about a man recording the sounds of his street in New York to send to his girlfriend in Rome. And the other show had them interviewing people at the rest stop I used to go to on my way to Potsdam – craziness! I’m very sad to be leaving our Chongwe families; they have been so amazing and have taught me so much. Time has gone so fast and now we are going to our own villages to be on our own!

Act 3: Community Entry
So after being sworn in as a PCV you begin community entry! This is the time were you HAVE to stay in your village for 3 months; we are also not allowed to start working. It the time in which you use PACA tools (such as community mapping, seasonal calendars) to get to know you village. I’m also going to be observing teachers, and looking for ones to Co-teach with. We aren’t allowed to visit other PCV’s, have visitors, or go to the house. It’s a little scary but it’s kind of exciting! I’m ready and can’t wait.

Bonus: Here are pictures of my wonderful host family!

Special Thanks:
Thank you Megan Hooper! Your postcard are the most wonderful part of my day! It makes me so happy every time I get a letter!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lili in Lala-Land!

My House in Lala-land! Its pretty great there are more photos on my facebook page. Sorry for short update but I need to head back to Chongwe ASAP.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Woah Where Did Training Go?

Hey there readers (the 2 of you), long time no write. We are currently traveling through Lusaka and were given a bit of time to go enjoy the internet. So what happened since I last posted?

I am officially posted! I will be spending the next 2 years in... Lumpama! Now where is Lumpama you ask? It is in central province just a short 15k bike ride from the town Serenje. The best part is that the branch of Bemba spoken there is called Lala, so officially I live in Lala-land... awesome.

We just got back from visiting our sites and I have to say I'm in love! My house is amazing and huge. 3 rooms, plus the batha, cimbusu and N'saka. I live on and next to a moutain and I'm only meters away from my school. I want to write more but I am running out of time, pictures will come soon! Anyway I hope everyone is doing well, I miss you all. Wish me luck on my Language test next week!

I also wrote up a new page about what to mail me please look at it! My address has changed and is now...

Musi Lisa A. Kilic/PCV
Peace Corps
Po Box 850010
Serenje, Zambia

Oh and since I am long over due from photographs you can look at them here!