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Monday, November 22, 2010

Dates are closing in...

Day 296: The rations have run low, and I have begun to suspect that my toe is conspiring against me with the nearby rock - he never did like me...

Insanity aside... no further contact from the placement office. The closer it gets to the cut-off dates the more paranoid I am becoming. This is not improved by the placement office appearing to be in the middle of moving... I have no problem waiting, as long as I know its a sure thing. This issue becomes waiting for answers. If I can't be placed for my original nomination that's fine - that means I can get my TEFL certification, it means additional teaching experience so my application is stronger, it means I can spend my money on another tattoo (okay the last one isn't that important...). But I'd like to just know if that is the case. But its all part of the process. I'm going to be spending 2 years in a country isolated, and I can't expect answers to always be in front of me - so I guess this is good practice.

But I deeply hope for them anyway. Dear placement, I love you very much and understand that you are working very hard, and hope you will send me some good news soon. And despite what the numerous E-mails I send might suggest and this blog I am not crazy and I do not bite. Please say hello! Love Lisa.

Friday, November 12, 2010

So 6 week or 8 week minium you say? Let the paranoia begin!

I would like to note that I have heard conflicting info on the minimum invite date, every online resource says 6 weeks, by my placement assistant informed me it was 8...


Due to, too much free time (thanks to a random bout of Strep) and a uncontrollable urge to crush my own spirit, I present!!!!

The Cut-off Dates For Invites:(6-8 weeks)
South Africa -> November 24 - December 6
Mali -> December 6 - December 20
Zambia -> December 6 - December 20
Uganda -> December 15 - December 29
Namibia -> December 24 - January 7
Malawi -> January 2 - January 16

Why do I hate myself?

P.S. = Namibia I love you most of all, WIN!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Huh Timeframe for Placement?

Got an E-mail from placement, it looks like the computer generated one they send out when you are medically cleared ha ha its a bit late isn't it? But it did have some helpful highlights...

"Our database shows that you have been nominated to a Community/Youth Development program that is estimated to depart sometime in Jan/February The Community/Youth Development Desk is currently focused on programs scheduled to leave in early January, and we anticipate that the review of your file will likely start in late December...

First, a Placement Assistant will perform a preliminary review of your file... Then, your Placement Specialist will perform a final evaluation of your technical skills and suitability for service...

Invitations for Peace Corps service are issued a minimum of eight weeks in advance of program departure. You should hear from your Placement Specialist no later than the 2nd week of January if you are being invited to the program to which you were initially nominated."

I thankfully have a job I like, by January I'll have worked there 6 months which means a raise which is nice. And will officially be a year of this application woo anniversary party!