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Friday, November 12, 2010

So 6 week or 8 week minium you say? Let the paranoia begin!

I would like to note that I have heard conflicting info on the minimum invite date, every online resource says 6 weeks, by my placement assistant informed me it was 8...


Due to, too much free time (thanks to a random bout of Strep) and a uncontrollable urge to crush my own spirit, I present!!!!

The Cut-off Dates For Invites:(6-8 weeks)
South Africa -> November 24 - December 6
Mali -> December 6 - December 20
Zambia -> December 6 - December 20
Uganda -> December 15 - December 29
Namibia -> December 24 - January 7
Malawi -> January 2 - January 16

Why do I hate myself?

P.S. = Namibia I love you most of all, WIN!


Christina said...

I don't know for sure what the cut off date is, but I read a post on facebook about that on the Future Peace Corps Volunteers group:!/group.php?gid=2204686414

(it's the post from last Wednesday)

Joey Marsh said...

ha, you know, i'm glad you did this. i'm going to say we're in the same group. aaaand i definitely was considering making a list like this myself. you saved me some time! let's hope for the best for both of us, huh?!?!?