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Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Take a Bucket Bath

Having new Peace Corps Volunteers over reminded me of the first time I took a ‘bucket bath’. In PC Zambia, there is generally no running water so bucket bathing is the way to go. I remember before I came here I was somewhat confused about how you can take a bucket bath, so now being an expert I present a short guide.

What you need:

  • Large basin/bucket
  • A cup with a handle
  • Water (My baths are literally one 10L bucket of water.)
  • Eye of the Tiger

How to take a bucket bath:

1. Put on your game face and fetch about 10L of water from you borehole/well/river. (10mins)
2. Start a fire (10-20mins)
3. Heat half the water in a large pot to a slightly hotter than comfortable. (20-40mins)
4. Combine hot and rest of cold water together in basin. (1min)
5. Using your cup, slowly pour water over your body. Make sure to get your hair soaked through, and your entire body wet. (2-5mins)
6. Soap up, shampoo hair (I tend to combine my conditioner and shampoo here). Take care to not get any soap in the water basin the idea is to keep the water clean. (5mins)
7. If you need to shave, fill cup with water and set to side. Shave using conditioner or soap, using cup to rinse razor as need be.
8. Take cup and proceed to rinse, cupping water over your head and parts of body. (5mins)
9. If you lucky you’ll have a bit of water left over, pick up and dump contents over head. You’ll feel like a boss.

Alternatives -

Water Saving Option:

- When first wetting hair and body lean, over basin so water falls back in and doesn’t simply fall on the ground. Or wash feet first, and then step into water basin and cup water over your body.

- Then proceed to soap up and rinse outside of bucket. Your water will still be relatively clean for rinsing. And you’ll save about half or so of the water.

Congrats! You have now just taken a bucket bath.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Year in Zambia

So it is officially February 2012, that makes a year of Peace Corps service. Well technically I think I was on the plane on Feb 1st last year, but I’m counting it. To mark the occasion I got to host first site visit for the new RED’s coming in this year. It was a blast, I tried to give them an experience of everything. I took them to school to observe classes and talk to the teachers. My HIV support group came over to talk to them about working in the community. My favorite part though was making a huge Zambian dinner with Nshima, chicken, chiwowa (pumpkin leaves), soya, soupu, and potatoes. My counterpart came over and helped us kill the chicken (well the trainees did) and cook. The people at the dinner included teachers, villagers, my host family, my pcv neighbor, and the new volunteers – it was pretty great. It was really heartwarming to see all the people my village that matter to me in one place sharing a meal. Happy anniversary Zambia.