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Things I would kill for from America

Hey hey people in America-land! A few of you have asked what I could use in Zambia well let me tell you I have a list... mostly food (cause I'm a fatty).

MAIL! I make a great pen pal and I love getting letters I promise I will write you back. It makes me whole day when I get a letter, its one of the few ways I can know what is going on in your lives. So send away.

- Instant Foods (ex. Velveeta Mac and Cheese, Just add water muffins)
- Cheese! (Nacho cheese dip)
- Rooster Sause
- Powdered drink mixes (Crystal light, ice tea, pink lemonade, HOT CHOCOLATE)
- Real Coffee (Its very expensive here and most is instant - I have a french press!)
- Different Tea (I love lady grey tea, same as coffee its rare, expensive and hard to get)
- Favored powered creamers (Like coffee-mate hazelnut/french vanilla/pumpkin/vanilla caramel)
- CANDY! (Chocolate, jolly ranchers, jelly belly red apple favored jelly beans)
- Snacks! (Cheez-its, goldfish, pretzels, Cookies - if girl scout samoas can be found I will love you forever) 

Other Things:
- Good pens (extra fine tip, inky, black) 
- Art supplies (markers, modge podge, paint, art books)
 - Amazon Gift Cards! I have a kindle and I use it an insane amount, I can buy many books with 20$. Send me book recommendations!

I will be happy with anything on this list being sent my way! I truly appreciate every letter and package I get.