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Bucket List

With my birthday fast approaching I have taken to a bit of introspection. By the age of 24 I will have full-filled many of my dreams. But there is so much more! So I present to you in no particular order my bucket list.

Life List:

1.      Volunteer with Peace Corps

2.      Visit 50 different countries (9/50)

3.      Visit Every Continent (3/7)
  •   North America (Born there)
  • South America 
  • Europe (Art Trip)
  • Asia
  • Africa (Peace Corps)
  • Australia
  • Antarctica
4.      Work for a year in every continent (2/7)

5.      Backpack across Africa, Asia or Europe

6.      Visit family in Turkey

7.      Donate Blood

8.      Travel by train in India

9.      Go on a road trip

10.  Visit every state (11/50)

11.  Read the whole BBC book Challenge (22/100)

12.  Learn to ride a motorcycle

13.  Go on a road trip with said motorcycle

14.  Go Sky diving

15.  Get a Masters Degree

16.  See the big 5 (4/5)

17.  See the little 5 (2/5)

18.  Get married

19.  Get a psychic reading done

20.  Pay off my student loans

21.  Go to a music festival in a foreign country

22.  See Flogging Molly live

23.  Take an international flight in first class

24.  Treat my mother to a vacation

25.  Go couch surfing

26.  Read the Bible. The Torah. The Qur’an.

27.  Learn how to play an instrument

28.  Make a phone call in a phone booth in England

29.  Attend a traditional tea ceremony in Japan

30.  Lay on the beaches of Zanzibar

31.  Swim in lake Malawi

32.  See the Namib dessert

33.  Bunji Jump off the Victoria Falls bridge

34.  Take a Gondola ride in Venice

35.  Eat gelato in Italy

36.  Have coffee in Morocco

37.  Watch a burlesque show in France

38.  Do a zombie bar crawl

39.  Attend a Zambian traditional ceremony

40.  Get henna