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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dare I say I'm in?

Today I finally got my medical clearance! To celebrate I decided to join on the Peace Corps Blogger bandwagon, I know they have been helpful for me during the application process. I was terrified of not getting in due to a past mental health issues, but I was medically cleared! It was the only black spot on my application, getting cleared has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, can you tell I'm excited? I wasn't supposed to be ready to depart for a longer time, but they offered an earlier departure I can't wait!

I will post my Application time line in a separate post, but in this one I'll just do a basic intro. I have been interested in the Peace Corps since High School, and it has been my plan for years to join. I recent graduated from college with a degree in Art Studio, Anthropology and Museum Studies. I have experience in a variety of positions - mental health, Aids education, teaching and fund-raising are just some. I was nominated into the community development program, for Sub-Sahara Africa leaving in January/February 2011. I'm hoping for exactly that, I'd like to leave earlier but I most likely wont be on a plane till well after that.