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About me

Before Peace Corps:

Pre-Peace Corps Musi. Glasses doned, hair donated.

Before I left to the heart of Africa to try and change the world, I was... well pretty much the same. I grew up in Long Island NY (One of the few in Peace Corps I might add) but I got my education from SUNY Potsdam in upstate focusing in Anthropology, Art (photography) and Museum Studies. After college I played with 5 year olds all day and taught them how to become future hippies, on my paycheck it said teacher. I also have a background of crisis counseling and a lot of health related work. Being in Peace Corps was always a goal for me, since I saw a discovery channel special when I was 13 on AIDS in Africa, I wanted to be in Peace Corps Africa - that simple. When I wasn't being an idealist, I was a big nerd. I spent more time with a xbox controller that I think is social acceptable, and when someone says you earned experience I wait for a little ding. I'm also a huge bookworm, something I can happily continue in Africa and I do photography on the side.

In Zambia:

Chitenge Dress for Swearing in

My Beautiful Hut

      So now that I'm here what am I up to? Well I work with the (R)ural (E)ducation (D)evelopment project. That means that most of my efforts are in the education system. I co-teach, tutor, hold pre-school, run clubs and hold various workshops. As side work I have been focusing on HIV/AIDS which is a huge problem in my community, I'm working with community members to take away some of the stigma and to enhance understanding of the illness. I also hold dance parties in my lawn, go bunji jumping, and binge on Indian food in Lusaka... all very important things.

Bunji Jumping from Victoria Falls

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