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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Alive!

Day in the life of a PCV
Alright, so I am 2 months in the village. My house is fully furnished and decorated, it actually feels like home. I’ve had some time to settle into life in village in the middle of Africa. So what a RED PCV do all day? Let me tell you…


6-7am: Wake up, this is normally done before the alarm. I normally play around on facebook for a bit trying to coax myself awake. I start the braiser as soon as I get out of bed. While its heating up I do the standard, feed the cat, get dressed, listen to TAL. When the coals are nice and hot I put on water for tea and start making pancakes. After all that’s complete, I eat and start making my way toward school.

7-13: SCHOOL! Until recently I was just observing classes, and organizing the offices. I also help run clubs (Anti-Aids) and hold workshops (AIDS/HIV and Co-Teaching). As of last week I’ve started teaching classes. I acted as I sub for the English grade 9 classes, now I’m co-teaching the Geography class. It’s pretty fun, there are some language barriers but the students get what I’m saying and its good practice for my Bemba skills.

13-14: I head home from the school and start prep for lunch time. I try to make something simple and quick. This is generally when I go to the bore-hole and get my drinking/bathing/dish water for evening; I go through about 30L of water a day.

15-17: Depending on the day, some days I have meetings with the various community groups this time. Two HIV/AIDS group meet at this time once a week, I try to attend every meeting and just listen to them talk and try to help with ideas. If I have a day off I try to bath during the day or get some chores done, like sweeping the yard, or fetching water for tomorrow.

18-21; By this time it’s generally dark, I start the braiser up again. I heat up 2 big pots for a bucket bath and then go bath. While I’m bathing I tend to put water on the braiser for tea and let it go while I’m busy. As soon I finsh I start on dinner. After dinner, I grab a book, and a cup of hot chocolate/tea then pass out.


Basically it’s the same schedule, I just use the time I would be at school to get other stuff done. I bike 15k to the BOMA to get veg, and supplies once/twice a week, strap it all down on the back of the bike and then bike the 15k back. On Sundays I go to church (I know weird right?), get laundry done, mop my hut and try to get everything else finished.

Chowpa! (Done)