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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Staging/travel (part 1)

Alright I finally have some free time in Lusaka and full internet so I can update, I've decided to do multiple subjects and instead of one big update here are a few highlighted posts.

So staging, we started off in Philly where I finally got to me meet my fellow trainees. We were 29 strong excited and ready to head to Zambia. After some training sessions in Philly we were quickly whisked away to JFK airport to try and beat the bad weather, amazingly we managed to make aboard South African Air. Our flight was great, we were feed well and entertained by safety videos. I personally enjoyed finally getting to watch the social network and the guardians of galhoul (sp?)

We ended up missing our connection in South Africa so had some time to kill in Johannesburg, I was amazed by how westernized that part of Africa was. South African influence can be found all over Zambia, our pens and many of the more western products are from there. Anyway eventually we made our way to Lusaka where we were reunited with our things and got to meet some of the staff, the cruiser ride to IFT where we stayed was one of the many "Oh my god I'm actually in Africa" moments I seem to have. We ended up staying there for a few days getting to know one another to prepare for site visit which I will talk about in the next segment.

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