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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Intresting cultural observations (part 3)

Here is a list of things I have learned about Zambia so far...

-> It is day/month/year
-> You eat with your hands
-> You great with you right hand not your left
-> Thighs are sexual not breasts
-> You have to carry toilet paper with you because bathrooms don't supply them
-> All Zambians dress better then you
-> The currency is Kwacha and to simplify things instead of saying 20,000 kwacha you say 20 pin
-> Zambian children are fearless soccer gods many make their own balls with plastic bags
-> Plugging something in can kill you... you have to stick something in the top plug.
-> Polygamy is acceptable in some Providences
-> Hand-holding among same sex is a sign of friendship
-> Smoking is illegal but seems to be accepted in the capitol
-> Homo-sexuality is also illegal
-> Christianity is VERY strong here people often ask you name then you church...
-> There is no work for please in many of the Zambian languages being polite requires modification of the word.

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