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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1: One month to go

Happy New Year! 2010 was pretty wonderful for me, saw my sister marry someone great, graduated college, worked at a job I love, got accepted into the Peace Corps, just to name some of the highlights.

2011 will present all kinds of new adventures for me, only one month left to go! That got me thinking and another blogs mention of the 365 project. I did the project a few years ago and actually managed to do a year and half straight. Which was personally very rewarding for me, considering I have a new camera and I want have as much as possible to bring back from Africa I think I'm gonna start the project again. So like the last time, one photo a day for a year, can be anything. Obviously uploading will be sporadic but I figure I'll upload in bunches when I can.

You can see the old and new project on my flickr account. (plus I'll try to do a bulk update often)

I present day 1:

Me testing out my new Osprey pack it's huge... 4,200 cu in.!


elizabeth said...

I was just looking at your predeparture wishlist :) I kind of want one of those pens too, especially because the lady told me it kills giardia! what size is your osprey ariel? i looked at the 75 but i think it might be too big if i want to stay under the 107 inches (which i do)

Musi Lisa Kilic said...

Yep it's the Ariel 75, but I don't have a secondary bag yet. The total for the bag is 60-70 something inches so it still falls in range... as long as my second bag is small haha.

I REALLY want the purifying pens, they were awesome on hiking trips and having it as backup couldn't hurt...