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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last Christmas is the US

Merry Christmas everyone! And if you follow another holiday happy that too. My family was very thoughtful this year...

- My mom got me 3 books about Zambia one with a map (thank god), one about the culture and one that is a memoir about a volunteer teacher in Zambia.

- My solio charger came today I'm sad its cloudy out so I can't test it.

- My Chaco shoes also came (woo!)

- My cool-max socks are amazing

Overall I actually think I have a lot of what I need, my Marmont tent, and sleeping bag are still in the mail so is my pack. I'm almost all set!

I'm getting so excited about this, I can't stop watching the Zambia videos and reading all my books. The Vagabonding book is especially exciting to read. Only a bit more then a month left before I leave, I can't wait its going to be amazing... dirty, buggy, new and amazing!


Meredith said...

what are the names of the books you got? I have been looking for good Zambia books and can't find much...

Musi Lisa Kilic said...

I got a good amount...

- Glimmers of Hope: A Memoir of Zambia - by Mark Burke
(Its a personal account of a volunteer teacher in Zambia for 2 years... That sounds familiar)

- Globetrotter Travel Guide Zambia and Victoria Falls
(Good guide, more about the tourist attractions but has a MAP! And shows hotels and such)

- Culture and Customs of Zambia by Scott Taylor
(Haven't opened this one yet but its good anthropological info)

- Vagabonding: An uncommon guide to long term world travel by Rolf Potts
(Not specifically about Zambia but a GREAT book about traveling long term and working in another culture.)

- Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
(Old classic book about English Colonization of Africa)

- King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hoshchild
(Another old book about Colonization of Africa)

And I'm currently reading all of them at once... I'm insane haha,