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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are you lost in the mail again?

So no sign of the invite today, I'm starting to wonder if its lost in the mail... I have a history of getting Peace corps mail not getting to me until the 3rd time sending it out (I have no idea why, maybe my mail man hates me or my mail hates apartments.) - called Jason he said he had no idea why it wasn't there he's gonna double check the tracking number and if it says delivered he'll resend it although apparently a few people's invites were also late this week. Haha it would be my luck to get one final trip up.

*Update* Turns out UPS brought the package to 397C instead of my apt 391C yesterday, I'm currently stalking my neighbor who isn't home atm. I really hope they didn't throw is out or anything I'll cry...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I stumbled upon your blog when i was looking up information about invites lost in the mail!

Just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one! lol I received an email on Friday the 3rd letting me know i have been invited for Health Extension in North Africa leaving early to mid March 2011 and to expect my invite in the mail...but no such luck yet! I was sure that i would get it today too. The anticipation is killing me! Good luck with you invite, i hope you get it soon!