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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For my birthday I got my invite to Zambia!

This is my happy face! Best birthday present ever! Who says 23 is a boring age?

My invite had been delivered to the wrong apartment - I stalked my poor neighbor until they came home and ran to there front door the second their lights came on... I swear I'm mostly harmless.

So where am I going?

I'm going to Zambia! I'm going to be part of the RED program (Rural Education Development) working as a community education specialist! I'm so excited!

So a few things I have found out already about Zambia and my service...

- I will be expected to bike about 40 kilometers a day (24 miles)
- I will be living in VERY rural conditions (no electricity, no running water and such)

Now about Zambia

- The climate consists of three distinct seasons: a warm,
wet season from November to April; a cool, dry season from
May to August; and a hot, dry season in September and October.
-Kwacha the currency 2,500-4,900 Zkw to each US dollar
- Meat will not be often available (YES!)
- The offical language is English but I will be able to choose a language to learn for my community

There will be more to come! In the mean time here is more pictures of my beautiful invite!

Woo! Official answers!

Holy mountains of paperwork batman!

I'm so excited... I sent in my acceptance E-mail and am currently reading through the many many pages in this packet I think tomorrow (my birthday!) I will write my resume and aspiration statement this weekend will be all about getting through the forms.

Woo Happy Birthday to me! All other Zambia people lets be friends!


Joey Marsh said...

FINALLY!! this day we've been waiting for so long has come!! i'm so happy for you!!! BIG relief, huh? congrats!!!!

Christina said...

Congrats and happy birthday!!! Zambia was a possibility for me but it ended up being Ecuador. Wish you all the best :)

lspigel said...

CONGRATS!!! And happy birthday! I got my invitation a couple days before my birthday too. It was the best. Enjoy!

Lew said...

Congratulations AND Happy Birthday!
Best wishes in everything ahead.
(The password for me to post this message is 'unhwavo.' Is that a prophetic sign regarding one of the languages you might have to learn?)

Jessica said...

Yay! Congrats and Happy Birthday! Glad to have you in the group!