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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The waiting game! And are my comments still not working?

Watching all the peace corps journals is frustrating, I keep seeing people getting invites for the Jan/Feb and even March programs. I am well aware that I still have plenty of time before the 8 week mark but I'm still doing the compulsive check my E-mail, thank god I don't have a smart phone! I will say that the applications process leaves no room for uncertainty you have to be committed to the Peace Corps to be willing to deal with this process haha. I'm trying to not bother my officer until November, granted that will most likely mean at midnight of 1 November first I'll send and E-mail. Soon I just have to remember it will happen eventually...

On a side note, people have been E-mailing me from this site saying they couldn't comment on my blog I fiddled with the settings and I think it should be fixed anyone wanna try to see if its working now?


Christina said...

Hey! Over 3 weeks passed between contact with placement and my placement interview. I was incredibly frustrated. It'll happen, it just won't make sense when compared with other applicants. Good luck :)

Emily said...

i just got my invite and it happened after i started nudging my assistant PO regarding dates, because i wanted to take a course before leaving. i think gently nudging them is the way to get the ball moving. good luck!!!