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Monday, October 25, 2010

Information got lost in placement...

Sigh well I found out why I hadn't heard anything new in awhile. Apparently they never received my information. I have been sitting around being a complete nut about my placement checking my E-mail everyday, and the whole time they hadn't gotten any of the info I E-mailed 2-3 weeks ago. Good thing I broke down and E-mailed them to check on my application. I'm really hoping they have time to go through my information in time for my nomination date, grrr now I'm disheartened.

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jrmramccart said...

The same thing happened to me. Only my placement officer basically left her post and no one had forwarded my information on to another. So I emailed them and figured it all out. Now, I think they feel really bad because they've been fastracking my application through the ranks of placement. I just sent in my final resume for consideration, so now I'm going to be checking my email hourly, haha.