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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lets try this again...

Alright everything was resubmitted, I guess what  happened was the E-mail got deleted in an automatic purge their office does, because it was over a holiday weekend. Moral of the story make sure they get your info... E-mail, E-mail, E-mail! I'm truly hoping I still make my original nomination, in reality I only have this month to be placed so I can get my invite in time for January. I'm gonna be a pain and call if I don't hear anything next week... and possibly call every week, I still can't be alive this whole month was wasted time. At least I found it out before it was too late.

Side note, I also can't believe its already been over a year into this application which mean 6 months since finishing school... hello student loan payments! When did you get here?

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