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Thursday, May 31, 2012

To cat or not to cat?

So I am faced to with a dilemma that only an American can have. Back in Africa I have a cat named Anansi. I had planned 100% on bringing him back to America with me when I COSed, since obviously that didn’t happen plans have changed. Now at this one moment in time I have a very expensive and complicated way of getting him back to me in America, my issue is wither or not this is insane and if I should just let someone else adopt him.

Get the cat:
-          I miss him
-          I raised the cat from a baby
-          I feel totally responsible
-          I had planned from the beginning to bring him home with me
-          I will regret not getting him
-          Even if I get him another home for now it won’t be permanent
-          Many animals left by PCV’s don’t get real long term care and sadly some die
-          The animal care is sub-par, when older he won’t have any real access to medical care

Don’t get the cat:
-          People have offered to Adopt him
-          He is a village cat
-          It’s expensive as hell
-          The trip is horribly long and stressful for the animal
-          I am putting a lot of nice people under stress
-          Its kinda crazy to fly a cat from Africa
-          The place I am staying in America already has 3 cats
-          I have no idea how he will adjust to the new lifestyle

My friends and family have had total opposite views of what do. Half think I am a monster if I don’t bring him, half think I’m a monster if I do ship him here. Its kind of a logic versus emotion thing. Thoughts?

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Christina said...

Yea, you said it - logic vs. emotion. I'm right this moment going through something similar but not as drastic. I'm trying to get my cat from one province in central Ecuador to another in northern Ecuador. Oh, and my rabbit too. The rabbit was the real emotional piece - if I left her, she would have been starved or had her neck snapped. I felt really bad about leaving her. Moving the cat sucks and I had to get her tranquilized. But cats get so attached, you know? To me there's no question of leaving her behind, but for you I can see you're in a tough spot. I hope whatever you decide works out for the best! The kitteh is adorable...