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Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodbye Africa!

So it's official, my flight back is tomorrow night at 7pm. By Wednesday afternoon I'll be getting off at JFK and start my life as not a Peace Corps Volunteer. I'm happy to leave the guest house but I'm struggling with the idea of leaving Africa for good. I hope with all my heart I find a way back in the future. I'm not sure if it will be with Peace Corps, or not. There are a thousand things I want to write, but I think instead I'm just going to show you the best things about being in Peace Corps Zambia

I'm going to have my emo moment and post the lyrics to a Frank Turner song:

I have wept until I've slept
Into the lap of the lady that I love
And though she begged and she cajoled
I couldn't tell her what I was thinking of

I didn't chose, no I was chosen
By a life that must be lived in passing through
And though she changed so much for me
Changing this is the one thing I cannot do

Darling, I'm leaving
The distance keeps calling me on
Darling, come morning
I'll be gone

She is beauty, she is graceful
In a poison she is gentle in her care
She is the calm in the center of my storm
She has her fingers through my hair

She has my heart but it is breaking
Cause it knows that deep inside she still believes
That there will ever come a morning that I'll stay
And not gathering to leave

Darling, I'm leaving
The distance keeps calling me on
Darling, come morning
I'll be gone

Baby let's get out of the city
We need to breathe some cleaner air
That creeping feeling starting like I miss you
And we're both of us still here

There's a sadness in your smiles now
And an edge of desperation in your voice
We have all this independence
But it still feels like we never had a choice

Darling, I'm leaving

1 comment:

inesinho said...

Hi Musi Lisa! This is Ines (Richard B.' gf). I know we never met, but I'm your silent blog follower since ever, and always heard about you. I'm really sorry about what happened, I wish you the best and a fast recovery.
Safe travels, and happy returns :)

p.s.: About the future, well, no one really controls it, maybe is just a see you later, Africa.