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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello From America-land!

My family flew me home for the holidays! To be honest it’s a bit strange, I wasn’t expecting a trip home until I was done with Peace Corps, but this has been a nice break from the bugs, and heat. So what do you notice about America when you have been living in Africa for almost a year?

  • - Everyone seems to dislike color (compared to Zambia’s chitenges)
  • - There is so much food!
  • - Why do we need 400 types of everything?
  • - Everything is so easy! Laundry you throw in a machine, you can just turn on a shower, and you can cook for on a stove.
  • - There is constant distraction, tv, internet, ipod, radio, movies, etc.
  • - You rarely interact with the actual climate, the air in our houses, cars, shops all have artificial climates.
  • - America caters to everyone, I went to the museum of sex on one block passed a church and a palm reader on the way.
  • - Transport is easy, if you don’t have car there are trains, planes, buses.
  • - You can’t do anything without money

Most surprising of all was how easy it has been to come back. I was a bit nervous that people had moved on that I couldn’t just glide back into life. It has been very easy, from the moment my plane landing I have been surrounded by friends and family and they want to talk about Zambia more than I do. One of my friends actually introduces me as “This is Lisa, she’s home from Africa!”. Granted it’s a great pick up line “So I just got back from Africa…”

Anyway enjoy the holidays! I’ll be back in Zambia Jan 2 or 3rd.

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