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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bats, Ninja Turtles, and Model Competition


Happy Thanksgiving! Its so odd to be in another country for thanksgiving but we are making good times of it. We have provincial meetings this week so everyone in the provice is staying at the house, which means provs parties (we did a 90’s tv show theme this time) and TONS of great food cooking. We even have football streaming online. Amazing what a bunch of determined Americans can do.


Before provs I took my second day trip to Kasanka to go see the great bat migration take place. Each year in Oct/Nov over 8 million fruit bats fly from the Congo to Kasanka national park in Zambia. I went earlier in Oct when the bats were less but I managed to anger a whole herd of elephants. This time the bats were in full bloom, it was amazing.


Completely unrelated business. My friend from home is in a competition for a professional photo shoot. This is the last week that voting is open so if you could PLEASE get your friends/cousins/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad/ anyone!
Click 'like' on her pic here:
And do the same here:
And thank you :)

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