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Friday, September 9, 2011

Now What?

So now what? I find myself asking this question all the time. Before coming to Peace Corps I always had a goal… to go to Peace Corps (from the age of 13 on). Now that I’m here I see the pit fall just pursuing one thing and not thinking about “after”. I still have a year and a half to make a decision. I’m leaning toward grad school especially the international education programs, and anthropology. But I am also thinking about extending, not necessarily in Zambia, Peace Corps response is really appealing to me. The nice thing about Peace Corps is that it puts you foot in the door of international work. I really enjoy teaching in a cross cultural environment, and seeing the difference between American education and Zambian education. Honestly I wouldn’t mind just getting my TESL/TEFL certification and traveling around teaching. If I even decide to just stay in America, I could happily go back to teaching pre-school, maybe do photography again or you know become a BMX biker. Its fun to think about the possibilities but that’s at least a year away, for now I’m just gonna enjoy the village.

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